Paulina Umstandsmode

The Joy of Reading

Reading educates – and is a lot of fun. Both are absolutely essential for mommies and daddies to be.

The last weeks of your pregnancy hamper a lot of normal tasks. Long walks? A shopping spree? Wild nights out on the town??? Way too exhausting. The best way to spend time now is all bundled up on the sofa browsing through a good book. Especially funny and informative baby books are all the rage, since everyone wants to be prepared for the big day. If you are looking for a good read about pregnancy, birth and baby we can recommend “Das Mami Buch”. This personal baby book contains everything that interests you during your 40 weeks of baby bump adventure. It even covers the exciting time after the birth - your new life with a baby.

Your best friend is pregnant? Perfect! This illustrated baby book always scores high with all mommies to be. Promise!

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The future dad is really looking forward to the offspring. However the handling of this brand-new person seems difficult in advance – or is it? The wonderfully sober and humorous baby book “Baby. Betriebsanleitung” contains everything men need to know about babies in clear, precise, easy steps. Baby: implementing, maintenance and upkeep. With a smile and a wink the two male (!) authors explain the way around a newborn in the style of an instruction manual, easy and comprehensible. Perfect for dad.