Wedding Dress

Dance with Me

498,00 €

Evening Dresses

Nights in white satin – or in one of our festive maternity evening dresses. Sometimes its just time to celebrate, you might as well be dressed impeccably for it. With glamorous maternity evening dresses by Paulina you are sure to be the star of any evening. Whether short, long, shiny, matte, with ruffles, or sleek and elegant - if you have the occasion we have the dress.
Maternity Dress

My little Princess

149,00 €
Wedding Dress

Subway to the Stars

169,00 €
Maternity Dress

Wild Palms

149,00 €
Maternity Dress

Summer of Dreams

139,00 €
Maternity Dress

Whisper of the Heart

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Maternity Dress


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Evening Dress

Addicted to Love

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Let the good Times roll

A big event is coming up and the dress code is NOT come as you are. You should look forward to it and use the opportunity to highlight your cute baby bump elegantly. The choice is yours: discover beautiful maternity evening dresses made by Paulina and find your personal favorite. There is always a reason to celebrate. So enjoy the time of your pregnancy and get to know and love Paulina’s maternity evening dresses.

Lost in Translation

From the little black dress to the perfect cocktail dress in a sparkling gold tone to a long evening gown in a classic old Hollywood style – here you can find your new favorite maternity dress for special occasions. Now the only question that remains: what do I wear when and where?
That’s why there is a dress code. It serves as an orientation so you are neither over- nor underdressed at your next event.

Does the invitation say “white tie”? That means you might be going to the Wiener Opernball and that is the time to pull out the big guns. A little something extra? Definitely. An opulent gown made from nude lace with a suggested train will make sure you stand out.

At big weddings the dress code might be “black tie”. In a floor-length maternity evening dress – with a built in corset and a flowing skirt – your baby bump will definitely shine.

The subtle hint “cocktail” tells you all you need to know: here you wear a short cocktail dress by Paulina, that should end above the knee. Our handpicked materials will guarantee a glowing appearance and the refined cuts will fit during every phase of your pregnancy.

“Dark Suit” is the perfect invitation to wear the famous “little black dress”. You wear a short, elegant maternity evening dress by Paulina – preferably in muted colors like dark blue or a classic black. The precious fabrics and loving details highlight you and your baby bump.
Wherever the celebration may be – the festive maternity evening dresses by Paulina are always the right way to go.

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