Maternity Jacket

London Calling

89,00 €

Maternity Jackets

Just a jacket? We at Paulina disagree because nothing beats a perfectly fitted maternity jacket. After all your baby bump needs enough space under the maternity jacket. Apart from that our jackets are cut to sit close to the body and flatter your shape. That way you can feel warm and comfy in your own skin. 

Maternity Blazer

Company Business

229,00 €

Blazer & elegant Jackets

A blazer during your pregnancy? Why not? After all, your wardrobe should fit your style and not the other way around. With maternity blazers by Paulina you are always dressed for success. Our elegant maternity blazers are a true style booster and can be worn on festive occasions as well as all casual with jeans and boots.

Maternity Jacket

Wonderful Tonight

149,00 €

Midnight Lace

159,00 €
Maternity Jacket

White Charity

298,00 €
Maternity Jacket

London Calling

89,00 €

Hippe Outerwear

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