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Paulinas World

Paulinas World

Paulina’s world is round! No wonder, because we are always up to date and moving forward, as any fashionable maternity wear label should be.
We’ll keep you updated on the newest maternity trends and topics on our pregnancy blog. There you can find super cute and creative DIY ideas and incredible recipes. Naturally we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the newest celebrity gossip. Who is the newest Hollywood mom to be? You’ll be the first to know on our blog.
In our pregnancy diary, you’ll find personal stories all about Paulina maternity clothing. We’ll take you to trading fairs, show you behind the scenes photos of the latest shootings or introduce you to the newest member born into the Paulina family.
Paulina’s world in the press: under press releases you can find interesting clippings about your favorite maternity wear company.

Paulina Blog

Paulina Maternity Fashion Lifestyleblog

Paulina Maternity Fashion Lifestyleblog

Of course our pregnancy blog is all about fashionable maternity wear - but also so much more. Us, the Paulina-Team, travels a lot and gets to know a lot of fascinating things we can’t wait to share with you. During the exciting months of your pregnancy we are here keeping you updated on current trends and topics. However most of all you should enjoy the read of our pregnancy blog. You can choose between glamorous styling-tips, valuable information about your wellbeing and many healthy and delicious recipes.  Looking for cute DIY ideas? We always keep you updated on our pregnancy blog. Naturally we will also keep you in the loop about future moms in Hollywood as well as the dads.
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Paulina Diary

Paulina Maternity Fashion Diary

Would you like to see what’s going on behind the scenes of Paulina maternity wear? In that case, welcome to our pregnancy diary! Here you get to meet our colorful team of amazing people. We let you in on our design secrets and take you – virtually at least – to the trade fair. Want to see everything that goes on behind the scenes of a photo shooting? We’ll take you along for the ride so you can see what goes on and sometimes wrong. Heads up, our Paulina paparazzi are on the loose! They show you just who of our favorite stars are wearing maternity wear by Paulina. All of that and more is for you to find in the Paulina pregnancy diary. Furthermore our celeb-moms keep you updated on their pregnancy journey and their favorite looks made by Paulina in their personal pregnancy diary.

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  • Figure Flatterer from Paulina
  • Figure Flatterer from Paulina

Figure Flatterer from Paulina

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