Paulina Umstandsmode

Maternity Tunic
Art Girls
49,00 €
24,50 €
Maternity Tunics

Maternity Tunics

Pimp my belly? Nothing easier: with the fantastic maternity tunics by Paulina. The tunic is one of fashion’s all-time stylish classics. Even in ancient Rome, where stylish Romans would be dressed in comfort, style and timelessness. A trendy maternity tunic made by Paulina now combines trendy designs with a high feel-good-factor. Dress like a goddess!
Maternity Tunic
Black Moon
98,00 €
49,00 €
Maternity Tunic
My Summer of Love
159,00 €
79,50 €
Maternity Tunic
Big Eyes
39,00 €
19,50 €
Nursing Tunic
Blue State
119,00 €
59,50 €

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