Paulina Umstandsmode

In Aqua Sanitas

Paulina makes beautiful maternity swimwear – for you and your health. Admittedly, once the baby bump starts growing, your enthusiasm for endurance sports decreases. Who can blame you? Even during downtime your body is preforming at peak levels. The extra baby weight doesn’t help in making you more nimble.

Nevertheless, experts agree that moderately exercising during your pregnancy can support a healthy progression and even facilitate the birth. If you are not quite up to putting on the running shoes – how about going for a swim?

Open the Floodgates

Our charming maternity swimwear and bikinis by known brands are two good reasons, for your body to take a well-deserved and healthy break in the cool water. Skillfully made tops, that offer support, as well as extra length around the tummy area. And super-cute matching bottoms with strings on the side, which can be adjusted to fit your body.

Whether you’re actively doing laps or just floating in the water – your body will cherish the feeling of weightlessness. You are taking the stress of your joints and most importantly your spine. That way you are preventing future back pains and problems and effortlessly stay fit.

What’s even better about our pregnancy swimwear? It looks good in or out of the pool. That’s why your next summer holiday includes a Paulina-Tankini. It looks good while lying in the sun or under a light maternity tunic. With our maternity swimwear you’ll always get the highest marks in comfort, support and style.